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Although the term “fat” is often used to refer to all body fat, your body contains a variety of different forms of fat.

Fat Cells

White, brown, and beige cells are the three major colors of fat cells. They could be kept in visceral, subcutaneous, or vital fat.


Certain fats may be harmful to your health and aid in the development of disease. Others are advantageous and required for your wellness.

Healthy Fat

Every kind of fat has a specific purpose. Some support normal hormone and metabolic levels, whereas others support the development of fatal disorders, such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Cancer
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    Weight Loss Simplified

    Tips to Keep Weight Off

    Effective usage of support systems after weight loss can help with weight maintenance.

    The National Weight Control Registry reports that 55% of registry participants employed a program to lose weight.

    Maintaining weight loss requires activity.

    According to studies, even gentle activity offers benefits, like taking the stairs and walking. It is advised to engage in 1,500–2,000 calories worth of weekly physical activity to sustain weight loss. Adults should make an effort to engage in at least 40 minutes of brisk to strenuous physical activity three to four times a week.

    Once the target weight has been reached:

    It may be tried for one week to check if weight loss continues by gradually increasing daily intake by roughly 200 calories of nutritious, low-fat food. If weight loss does continue, more calories from nutritious foods may be added to the diet each day until the ideal caloric ratio for maintaining the desired weight is found. How changing food consumption and exercise levels effect weight may require some time and record keeping.

    To maintain a healthy weight:

    Behavioral techniques must be used consistently. Recognize when you start to eat to cope with stress. Alternatively to eating, try using activities, meditation, or exercise.

    Failure does not necessarily follow a brief return to previous behaviors:

    Exercise and diet awareness can support weight reduction maintenance. It is possible to avoid reverting to previous habits by recognizing situations, such as unhappy moods and interpersonal conflicts, and finding other ways to cope with them than by eating.


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    Weight Loss Simplified

    Tips to Keep Weight Off

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